There are two options for purchasing a 722.9  7 speed transmission.

1. We can send you one of our rebuilt transmissions and torque converters.  First, we will need to issue a call tag to pick up your Valve Body and computer. Then we will rebuild and install your Valve Body and computer into our rebuilt transmission and send it to you complete. No programming necessary.

2. We can send you a rebuilt transmission, rebuilt torque converter as well as a remanufactured onboard computer. With this option, you must be able to SCN code the computer. Call us for SCN coding suggestions. 

We modify our 7 speed transmissions which prevents early failure. Either transmission purchase option offers a 2 year warranty with unlimited mileage*.

Our 722.9 rebuilt Transmission and Torque Converter is $3500, plus freight charges.

Freight charges depend upon the destination address. Please E Mail us for a freight quote:

*In the event that warranty repairs are needed, all repairs shall be performed by us at our location in Van Nuys, Ca. at no charge. Any outside labor associated with a warranty claim is not covered.
This warranty is void if our installation and adjustment instructions are not followed.



Rebuilt Transmissions